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As the Austin real estate market continues to grow in value and complexity, the average family buying or selling a home faces an overwhelming task.

Figuring out the ins and outs of pricing, the relative value of different Austin neighborhoods, and the best home features to meet the needs of your family is a lot of work. Somehow you'd have to fit all that research and work in with your already full schedule of day-to-day responsibilities.

The Austin real estate experts at Lincott Properties are qualified to take that stress off your shoulders. You can focus on being the best at your job, and trust us to do ours.

About Us

Our team includes Austin real estate experts with expertise and certifications in a variety of relevant real estate areas, so we've got all the bases covered.

We know all about the best Austin neighborhoods for buyers with priorities ranging from good schools to top restaurants. We have extensive experience in negotiation, buyer representation, seller representation, and even mortgage lending.

Whatever your particular needs and priorities, we're equipped with the knowledge and resources to help you make the most informed choice in buying and selling your home.